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The German Grammar Guide

The German Grammar Guide, developed by students and faculty at the University of Minnesota Duluth, will help you learn the German language by providing two different and effective ways of accessing and learning about the structure of the German language. Language learners at different levels of proficiency can access grammar content at the pace that is right for them.

If you’re an advanced learner, you will be able to access grammar tables, and quickly reference relevant grammar content using the Quick View. If you’re new to learning German, there is a Guided View that will introduce you to different grammar topics at a comfortable pace.

Languages are complex, and learning the grammar of a language can amount to a daunting and even sometimes overwhelming task. A descriptive grammar, like this one, can help in the process of learning the language. Learning German and communicating in German is your primary focus, and grammar is merely a helpful tool. This Grammar Guide will help you acquire new content and negotiate the highly structured German language, by allowing you to explicitly focusing on those structures that will help you communicate. This brief introduction to German grammar has been designed to provide a quick reference and a short summary of major grammar topics, with maximal ease of use.

Aiding Students at each Level of Language Proficiency Mobile computing, and applications like this one, can allow students from many different backgrounds and skill levels to access grammar content at a pace appropriate for them. This application was intentionally developed to avoid overwhelming students with too much content too quickly. By accessing grammar content at a comfortable pace, students can continue to have fun learning German!

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